Hearingaidrepair.org false advertising

Denver, Colorado 2 comments
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Mail hearing aid to a residential ER3M zoned property.This type business not allowed by zoning laws.

Claim over 24 yrs experience,factory trained, past national repair manager with a bachlor os science degree in electronic engineering. All Lies. The people that live at this address have only had a couple years experience with hearing aid and less than that with repairs. They have never been to a factory much less trained in one.

They don't even have a college degree.

All lies on the web site!Should be ware if you send them anything, being that it is in a strictly residential area, you may never see your hearing aid again if you send it there!

Review about: Hearing Aids.



Where is the repair lab?Invite the public you are claiming to be so honest with to come on down and see the operation.

Let them be the judge when they see where and who is doing your work.I challenge you to open your office to the public, we have always been open, in a public location, never had to change our name for whatever reason.

Stop mud slinging, you are mad because you cannot compete with an honest company.


they don't even do the work, everything is mailed to another state. you should just send the aid to a lab that does the work and stop paying the middleman.

the more time your aid is in the mail the more chance for loss and additional dammage

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